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UHT Liquid Tea Whitener

Chaika is the perfect tastemaker for that tasteful, aromatic cup of tea. Whether you like karak chai or prefer doodh patti, Chaika creates a special symphony of flavors which makes the whole “chai” experience more enjoyable.

Available in: 110ml, 175ml, 220ml, 1 Litre
Barcode Numbers:
Chaika 112ml: 8964000703335
Chaika 180ml: 891684001281
Chaika 225ml: 891684001274
Chaika 1000ml: 891684001489


UHT Liquid Tea Whitener

Chaika, now with the refreshing flavour of Elaichi fills your morning tea and evening get-togethers with its mesmerizing aroma and delightful taste. So get refreshed with the unique taste of Chaika Elaichi and make your moments special.

Available in: 110ml, 175ml, 220ml
Barcode Numbers:
Chaika Elaichi 112ml: 8964000703373
Chaika Elaichi 180ml: 8964000703175
Chaika Elaichi 225ml: 8964000703199

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