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Flavoured UHT Milk

Oolala! is all about fun and yummy taste packed with the essential nutrients of milk such as calcium, proteins, vitamin A, D & B12 along with other key minerals. Oolala! Flavoured Milk is available in 5 cool flavours to tantalize your taste buds in addition to healthiness of milk.

Flavours Available in: Badam Zaffran, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Pista Badam, Mango

Available in: 180ml and 225ml
Barcode Numbers:
Oolala! Strawberry 180ml: 891684001083
Oolala! Mango 180ml: 891684001090
Oolala! Banana 180ml: 891684001113
Oolala! Pista Badam 180ml: 8964000702222
Oolala! Strawberry 225ml: 891684001427
Oolala! Mango 225ml: 891684001502
Oolala! Banana 225ml: 891684001519
Oolala! Pista Badam 225ml: 8964000702239
Oolala! Badam Zaffran 180ml: 891684001014
Oolala! Chocolate 180ml: 8964001292166
Oolala! Badam Zaffran 225ml: 891684001021
Oolala! Chocolate 225ml: 8964001292173

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