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Guavas are rich in vitamins (A-B1-B2) and improve the digestive system. Known for their delicious taste and pleasant aroma, they are widely grown in the Punjab region. They are harvested twice a year, in winters from December to January and in summers from August to September.Shakarganj purchases prime quality Guavas from its fruit suppliers for production of its purée. Pulp processing, right from the procurement of the fruit till its packing, is subjected to strict quality control standards. Guava Purée is packed either in aseptic bags in drums or preserved in frozen form, as per the customer’s requirement.


Carrot Pulp

Brix/Acid RatioN/A
Net Weight220±03
Storage Temprature4~6°C
Shelf life18 months
PackingProduct in contact with aseptic bag enclosed with one food grade poly liner in steel drum.

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