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Take a huge gupl of everything good in life with our delicious fruit drink Gulpy. With a blend of tropical and sunkissed flavors, this one is sure to rook your day.

Available in: 500ml and 1000ml
Barcode Numbers:
Gulpy Mango 500ml: 8964001292982
Gulpy Peach 500ml: 8964000704790
Gulpy Apple 500ml: 8964001292999
Gulpy Guava 500ml: 8964001292203
Gulpy Mango 1000ml: 8964001294009
Gulpy Peach 1000ml: 8964001294023
Gulpy Apple 1000ml: 8964001294016
Gulpy Guava 1000ml: 8964001294030

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